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Please choose how many different filter types and sizes you need below and how often you would like them delivered1. Need help selecting the right filter? Learn more about the filters we offer.


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While most homes only use a single filter, some homes have multiple HVAC units using different types of filters.

If you enroll in the program for multiple filters, they will be bundled together in one shipment so they all arrive conveniently at the right time, right to your door.

If you are having trouble locating your HVAC filters, view Filters 101 and look for “Where do I find my air filter?”


Select your frequency

The Reliant Filters Made Easy® program, with filters provided by Filters Now, LLC is available on a subscription basis with 30, 60 or 90-day delivery and billing frequencies. This means that after your first shipment, your replacement filters will be automatically shipped right to your door every 30, 60, or days depending on the frequency you select until you pause or cancel your subscription.

Which delivery and billing frequency should you choose? The air quality environment surrounding your home and within your home can significantly alter the useful life of an HVAC filter. Pets, painting, construction projects, etc. within the home reduce filter life. If your home is dusty or you have concerns over allergens, then you may want to replace your filter every 30 days.

The program allows you to change the delivery and billing frequency by simply logging into your account on reliantfilters.com. Changes are typically processed at 6 AM EST each day, so any online changes made before 6 AM EST may go into effect on that day if your order has not yet been processed.

You may also make a one-time purchase of filters. If you choose that option, you will receive a one-time shipment and no automatic delivery will occur.


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