Filters 101

The Reliant Filters Made Easy® Program1, with filters provided by Filters Now, LLC, offers 32 common sizes to cover the vast majority of HVAC filters – you can also build-to-order any 1” filter. The minimum build-to-order size is 10” on the shortest side and the maximum size is 36” on the longest side. Build-to-order filters are only available for Accumulair™ filters.

These great filter options come in many sizes and last up to 90 days. 


Good value

  • Features electrostatic pleated media
  • Comes in many hard-to-find sizes
  • Get an affordable performance air filter that effectively reduce allergens
Merv Rating 8

Starting at $8.99

Arm & Hammer®

Good for pets

  • Features electrostatic air filters with allergen and odor control
  • Helps reduce common household odors, even stubborn pet odors
  • Delivers unscented odor-fighting power
Merv Rating 8

Starting at $11.99

High Allergen Care

Good for allergies

  • Reduces allergen, odors and mold spores
  • Features electrostatic pleated air filters
  • Contains OGuard™ odor reduction technology
  • Provides antimicrobial product protection
Merv Rating 11

Starting at $15.99

Benefits of regularly changing your filter

  • Increase your unit’s efficiency to reduce energy costs – According to the Department of Energy, keeping the HVAC filter clean can lower your cooling and heating system's electricity consumption by 5 to 15 percent.
  • Increase the air quality in your home – Local air quality surrounding your home and the environment within your home can affect the useful life of your filter. Pets, painting, construction projects, etc. within the home may reduce filter life.
  • Prevent dust and dirt from building up in the system leading to expensive maintenance and/or early system failure.

Finding the right filter

To determine the right size filter to order, look at the currently installed filter. Most filters have the size listed on the frame. If this filter fits well, then simply use the same size when subscribing to the program. HVAC filters are usually listed by both their "nominal" size and their "actual" size. “Nominal size” is the size most commonly seen on the filter borders, and “Actual size” is the actual measurement of the filter itself and is usually a little smaller than “nominal” size. “Nominal” size is the measure used. If your filter doesn’t have a size, or doesn’t fit well, temporarily turn off your cooling and heating system and measure the air filter opening. If you have any questions, call 1-855-501-1824 and a specialist will help you determine the appropriate size.

Installing the filter

For most systems, the HVAC filter is located in one of three locations. If the return unit (blower) is located in a closet area, often the filter slides into a slot on the bottom of the cooling and heating system. The second location is in a return located on a wall – there is a removable grill and the filter sits behind it. The final common location for filters is in a return grill in the ceiling. Don’t forget that if you have two inside cooling and heating units, you likely need to replace two filters at the same time.

To install your new filter, remove the shrink wrap and paper wrapper. Then simply remove your old filter and replace it with your new one – make sure the arrow matches the direction of air flow.